What is a Living Donor Advocate?

Katrina Bramstedt, PhD
Health Education

In the US, all transplant hospitals are required to have either a Living Donor Advocate or a Living Donor Advocate Team. The role of this job is to screen candidates who desire to be living organ donors to ascertain if they understand the risks and benefits of donation, if they can provide informed consent, and to look after their safety and welfare. They aim to discover the motivations and expectations about donating, and if there is any coercion to donate. If you are thinking about being a living organ donor, feel free to talk to the Living Donor Advocate at your local transplant hospital for educational information about the procedure and any ethical or safety concerns you might have. 

If you ever feel that someone is pressuring you to be a donor, you should notify the Living Donor Advocate. You are never under any obligation to be a donor, even if you are a spouse or genetic relative. For more information visit

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