What are the side effects of bromfenac ophthalmic solution?

Bromfenac ophthalmic solution may cause your vision to become momentarily blurry after you apply it, so be cautious if you are doing activities that need clear vision.

Tell your doctor if these common side effects of bromfenac ophthalmic solution persist or become uncomfortable:

  • eye swelling, burning, stinging, itching, irritation (such as watering), pain, or redness; a strange feeling in the eye; or headache.

Get emergency medical care if you have any of these serious side effects:

  • serious allergic response (rash or hives, breathing problems, itching, facial or mouth swelling,
  • or chest tightness); serious eye swelling, burning, stinging, itching, irritation, pain, or redness;
  • sensitivity to light; eye discharge; abnormal eye bleeding; or changes in vision.

If you notice other effects, call your doctor.

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