How do I use nepafenac?

When nepafenac is used for cataract surgery, apply one drop three times a day on the day before surgery, the day of surgery and for two weeks following surgery. The medication should be applied at the same time every day. To apply the eye drops follow the steps below:
  • Wash your hands using soap and water
  • Shake the nepafenac container
  • Remove the cap
  • Examine the applicator tip to ensure it is not damaged
  • Tilt your head back and brace your hand against your nose and cheek
  • Hold the applicator tip close to the eye using your thumb and forefinger
  • To prevent contamination, do not let the dropper touch the surface of the eye
  • Pull the lower lid away from the eye, producing a pocket between the lower lid and the eye
  • Drop the medication into the pocket
  • Close your eye and gently hold your finger against your eye lid for two to three minutes (Do not blink.)
  • Replace the cap
  • Wipe excess medication from your cheek
Do not apply nepafenac while wearing contact lenses. Soft contacts tend to absorb the medication. Wait 15 minutes after applying the medication before putting contacts into the eye. Do not use this medication if it has changed color or contains particles. Continue to use other eye drops for eye conditions, like glaucoma, as prescribed by your doctor.

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