Can I get addicted to MS Contin?

It's possible to become addicted to MS Contin (morphine), but if you use this drug according to prescription (and give your doctor your complete medical history before he or she prescribes it), that's unlikely to happen. MS Contin is an opioid prescribed for people who have moderate to severe around-the-clock pain and are likely to have it for an extended period. Using the smallest effective dose will help reduce the likelihood that you will develop a tolerance for the drug (needing higher doses to get the same relief) or physical dependence on it (your body is so used to the drug that you experience withdrawal if it is stopped suddenly). Even if you do develop tolerance or dependence, though, those are different from addiction.

Addiction is more likely to occur when the pain reliever is used for pleasure instead of the relief of pain. A personal or family history of drug or alcohol abuse or addiction increases your risk for opioid abuse, so you should talk with your doctor about these factors before you start MS Contin. No matter what your history, though, your doctor will monitor you for signs of addiction while you are being treated.

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