Can I use Avinza if I have a history of substance abuse or addiction?

You may be able to take the painkiller Avinza (morphine) if you have or had substance abuse problems, but you should let your doctor know about that part of your medical history before you start taking this drug. Avinza can be habit forming, and people with a history of addiction may be more susceptible to this side effect. Never take more Avinza than your doctor prescribes and never take it more often than directed. You should also never break open the Avinza capsule and crush, chew, dissolve, snort or inject the particles inside. Doing so immediately releases the entire day's dose into your system, which could cause a fatal overdose.

Don't take Avinza if you drink. It's very important that you avoid all alcohol while using Avinza, including alcohol-containing medication. Alcohol can cause your body to absorb Avinza too rapidly, which can cause overdose and death.

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