What conditions can be treated using online care or an an e-visit?

Haya Rubin, MD
Haya Rubin, MD on behalf of MDLIVE
Internal Medicine
Generally online care or an e-visit can be used for conditions or informational questions which do not require an in-person physical examination. For example, an uncomplicated bladder infection on one's honeymoon where one doesn't reall want to interrupt the honeymoon for an office visit, or let's say a specialist has told someone that she has polycythemia vera but she doesn't know what that is and what it implies and wishes to ask that question of an experienced doctor rather than simply surfing the web and finding a lot of information that is hard to sort through and sift out the important things. Or an attack of gout in someone who has known gout. Or a question about whether a symptom is serious enough to merit going to an emergency room. Or need for a refill of a prescription of a drug you take regularly which is not a highly regulated drug. 
Lisa J. Broyles, MD
Family Medicine
There are multiple common medical questions and problems that can be addressed online or as an e-visit.  Problems such as acute illnesses, possible bladder infections, acne, certain rashes, refills or questions on diabetes or blood pressure medications can all be managed online!  If it's nine o clock at nine, the doctors offices and urgent cares are all closed, and your child is running a fever, call us or see us for an e-visit!  Our physicians can help you at off hours that most physicians are unavailable for no wait.  If you choose an e-visit the physician can see you, order labs, and write prescriptions for non controlled substances all electronically. 

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