Can I prevent being overweight by not being nice?

Jill Mearns
Many people feel that they are so busy taking care of others that it is difficult to take care of themselves. Sometimes they feel as though they don't have time because they are being nice to others.  For example, they may not exercise because they feel like they should be helping a friend or they may be hesitant cook something that is healthy because it might disappoint the other people they are cooking for.

"Nice" people sometimes forget to also be nice to themselves.  So, no, being nice will not make you overweight, but not being nice to yourself might.  There can be security in knowing that others rely on you, and fear in tweaking that pattern so you can be nice to yourself.

Experts suggest that there is a "prototype" overeater who tends to give a lot to others. The tendency of caretakers to internalize stress can trigger overeating.

Rather than change a part of your personality, i.e. "niceness", try taking some time each day for yourself.  Making small changes that allow you to be nice to yourself too can help you avoid being overweight.


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