Does heredity play a major role in obesity?

Heredity is an interesting animal.  It definitely plays a role in obesity but the big players in obesity are lack of exercise, proper nutrition, and mind fitness.  What I mean is that under the umbrella of obesity comes family behaviors that are passed down through generations.  With these behaviors so ingrained it is hard to break out of what we were taught while growing up.  The key to living a healthy life is changing how you eat, think, and move.  

-We are taught to be active…or not.

-We are taught to eat nutritious food…or not.

-We are taught to think positively…or not.

By far the most difficult of these three is the thinking part.  The way we think is passed down through generations.  It is hard to change a foundation, but with the right coach anything is possible!  Start with one thought at a time.  Here is a mind fitness challenge to start on the road to healthy thinking:

Every time you say or think “I can’t…”  Evaluate whether your really can’t or that you "don’t want to.”  9 out of 10 times you don’t want to.  Push through once, and it becomes easier and easier.  I still do this today!

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