Why do I get drowsy after eating lunch?

There may be many reasons you may feel tired after eating lunch. One common reason is that after a meal your blood sugar quickly rises as food is digested. Your body responds to this increased blood sugar by allowing your muscles and fat cells to absorb sugar from the blood which causes your blood sugar to fall a short time after you finish eating. This may leave you with a relatively low blood sugar for a while which causes low energy and drowsiness. Meals with a large amount of simple carbohydrates (sugars and starches) tend to cause this blood sugar rise and fall to a greater extent than meals heavier in proteins or complex carbohydrates.

Another reason you may feel drowsy after lunch is that it takes a large amount of energy to digest food. With your body expending extra energy in your digestive tract, there is simply less energy for it to spend in other areas. To avoid the drowsy feeling after eating lunch, you may consider avoiding high carbohydrate meals and try to get some light exercise after eating lunch.

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