What should I look for related to sodium on a nutrition label?

Salt is a form of sodium, and foods may have other forms of sodium as well. If you are adopting a heart-healthy diet, part of doing so will require that you read the Nutrition Facts panel on the side or back of packaged foods that you buy. Sodium always appears on this nutrition label, and it is an important category for those who wish to manage or prevent cardiovascular disease. Sodium can contribute to high blood pressure, which damages the body’s arteries over time and can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Sodium is listed on the label in milligrams. When 1500 milligrams is the limit for people with heart disease, sodium can add up quickly. A low-sodium food is defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as 140 milligrams or less per serving. This can be a helpful frame of reference when deciding if and how a certain product can fit into your healthy eating plan.

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