What should I eat to have energy and stay full all day?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Lean proteins and fiber are a powerful combination at any time of day, but especially for breakfast and lunch, because they will keep you full and help give you sustained energy to last through the rest of the day. For an afternoon pick-me-up move dessert to after lunch instead of after dinner. The simple sugars from berries or dark chocolate will give you the instant energy boost you need during your 2 pm afternoon slump. But that same sugar rush could sabotage your nighttime ZZZs. In terms of fats, I’d opt for healthy fats earlier in the day, because fats take the longest to digest so you want to give your body plenty of time. The upside to that long digestion time is they’ll keep you full longer. Try some olive-oil sautéed veggies with your morning omelet, some nuts as a snack, or some avocados in your sandwich.

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