What steps can be taken right away to increase micronutrients in the body?

Micronutrient deficiencies are prevalent across all ages and racial groups, and immediate action is called for. Here are two steps that can be taken right away:
  1. Changing from a “bad diet” to a “good diet”: A diet containing fewer refined foods and more fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains will help restore micronutrients and fiber to recommended levels -- and is very likely to lead to weight loss. (The American Heart Association guidelines for physicians who treat obesity emphasize that the key to successful weight loss is decreasing energy intake. While we do not disagree that decreasing energy intake will lead to weight loss, we think the major focus should be on changing dietary habits; weight loss will then very likely be a pleasant side effect.)
  2. Increasing activity: A healthy diet needs to be supplemented with regular exercise. If you don’t have a regimen already, choose an activity you enjoy (e.g., walking, running, playing tennis, working out in the gym, etc.) and start arranging your schedule to do it at least three times a week.

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