Why is eating breakfast everyday important for weight loss?

Dr. Andrea Pennington, MD
Integrative Medicine

As you begin to limit meals to daylight hours, your body will begin to recognize that it must soak up fuel and burn it while the sun is up. This means that it's ever more crucial to eat a healthy breakfast to give the body the fuel it needs to function properly. When you skip breakfast, your body thinks that it is starving and it then hoards calories and prevents you from getting into ‘‘fat burn' mode. Eating a healthy breakfast will boost your metabolic workers into activity which sets the pace for the whole day.

If you don't have much of an appetite or much time, create a nutritious, low sugar protein shake or smoothie. One of my favorites is to take yogurt or almond milk and blend in fresh fruit to enjoy on the go! My daughter likes to thicken up her smoothies with whole oats -- go figure! It's a great way to have semi-liquid calories that taste good and get the metabolism fired up. You'll be able to think clearer, too.

Eating a breakfast rich in protein may be optimal for appetite control. Eating breakfast, compared to skipping breakfast, is known to reduce hunger, increase satiety, as well as reduce activity in the regions of the brain that control food motivation and cravings. By adding an increased percentage of protein in your breakfast, there may be a greater reduction in hunger. A hard cooked egg, a serving of nuts, a cup of yogurt, or some reduced fat cheese are just a few of the ways that you can healthfully add protein to your breakfast and potentially experience less hunger throughout the morning.
Molly Morgan
Nutrition & Dietetics
Breakfast is important for weight loss because it helps to fuel your body and literally, breaks-the-fast. Studies show that students who eat breakfast perform better in school and those that eat breakfast tend to eat less than breakfast skippers! If you're too rushed in the morning opt for a smoothie in a to go cup to start your day, blend: low fat yogurt, frozen fruit and a splash of juice!
James O. Hill
Nutrition & Dietetics
Research shows that eating breakfast is extremely important for weight loss. For one thing, breakfast is very helpful in managing calories the rest of the day. In addition, people who successfully lose weight almost always eat breakfast seven days a week.

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