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How should I eat if I have a box body type and want to lose weight?

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    If you find yourself possessing the attributes of both an apple and a pear, you are likely a box body type. Unfortunately, as America’s weight problem continues to grow, this body type is also on the rise. This body type is most concerning because of its wide range of health implications, according to nutrition specialist Dr. Jeffrey Morrison: It affects the thyroid gland, and those carrying excess weight with this body type can run a greater risk of experiencing depression, memory loss, high cholesterol, and an enlarged heart.

    The box shape is regulated by the thyroid hormone. A healthy thyroid speeds up the metabolism. The secret for boxes to turbocharge their metabolism: Foods high in selenium and iodine. Iodine is vital for healthy thyroid hormone production, and the essential mineral selenium may help decrease inflammation that can cause an underactive thyroid. Today, many people use kosher salt or sea salt, but these salts do not contain iodine. To help maintain healthy thyroid function, reach for traditional iodized table salt when seasoning food.

    You can also try the following foods:
    • Seaweed is a great snack packed with both nutrients.
    • Shrimp -- and it’s also a good source of vitamin D.
    • Sunflower seeds -- just 1/3 cup makes a great daily snack.

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