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How can I keep my blood sugar below 100 mg/dL to lose weight?

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    I am a little confused by the question. I assume if you are that aware of your blood sugar on a constant basis than maybe you are diabetic? If this is true then maintaining your blood sugar at a lower level is very important and eating foods that have higher levels of protein and fat while eating low glycemic-index carbohydrates becomes essential to your dietary needs. If your goal is weight loss and you are not diabetic than it is critical that you determine a caloric intake need on a daily basis and make sure you eat consistently less than this determined number to affect weight loss.

    If you want to lose weight and you are diabetic than the weight loss process can aid tremendously in maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar. This is because of the simple fact that calorically restricted diets reduce blood sugar on the whole by definition. What you would do is focus on foods that are higher in proteins and healthy fats while keeping your sugars coming from the low-glycemic index variety all the while keeping your total caloric picture in deficit.

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    To keep your blood sugar under 100 mg/dL, just follow a handful of simple rules based on the literature and my personal tracking, in addition to the basic tenets of a slow-carb diet:
    • Eat decent quantities of fat at each larger meal. Saturated fat is fine if meat is untreated with antibiotics and hormones.
    • Spend at least 30 minutes eating lunch and dinner. Breakfasts can be smaller and thus consumed more quickly.
    • Experiment with cinnamon and lemon juice just prior to or during meals.
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