What are some of the reasons why I can’t breathe out of my nose?

Marilene B. Wang, MD
Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology)
A variety of conditions can result in difficulty breathing through the nose. If you are sneezing a lot or have itchy eyes and a runny nose, you many have allergic rhinitis. This is caused by exposure to different irritants in the environment that trigger an inflammatory reaction in the nose.

If you have a history of nasal trauma, either from sports or an accident, you may have a deviated septum, which could also cause blockage of your nasal breathing.

Chronic infections, such as chronic sinusitis or nasal polyps, can also block breathing in the nose. Rarely, tumors -- most of them benign but occasionally malignant -- can grow inside the nose and obstruct nasal breathing.

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