What are the treatment options for non-allergic rhinitis?

Treatments for non-allergic rhinitis vary, depending on severity and type of symptoms. If your symptoms are minor, try avoiding irritants that cause your rhinitis, such as tobacco smoke or chemical-related fumes. Decongestants, available by prescription or over-the-counter, work by clearing the congestion in your nose. A variety of nasal sprays are also available to treat non-allergic rhinitis. These include saline solutions, anti-drip anticholinergic sprays and antihistamine sprays (oral antihistamines are usually used for allergic rhinitis). Corticosteroid nasal sprays and decongestant sprays are also available if your symptoms are more severe, though decongestant sprays should never be used for more than a few days.

Alternative treatments, or therapies, offer unconventional ways to treat disease and are used in place of traditional medicine. Complementary therapies are used in combination with traditional medicine and, in some cases, alternative therapies. An example of an alternative treatment for non-allergic rhinitis is nasal lavage. Done at home, this consists of flushing out your nasal passages with saline solution via squeeze bottle or device called a neti pot. Used on a daily basis, nasal lavage can be a very effective treatment for non-allergic rhinitis. Herbs used to treat nasal congestion, such as bitter orange, are controversial and may product serious side effects.

Always talk to your doctor about the best treatment for your needs.

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