Why does a deviated septum cause sinus infections?

A deviated septum does not normally affect sinus infection directly but it can play a role in your sinus infections. If your septum is not straight (deviated), it may push other anatomy that is located in your nasal pathway in such a way that it impedes or blocks your sinuses from working effectively. Oftentimes by straightening the septum, you then allow the anatomy to return to its original position and allow the sinus to return to their normal function.

Typically, mucus drains from your sinuses into your nasal cavity. However, if you have a deviated septum this process can be hindered. If your nasal cavity is blocked, mucus can get trapped in your sinuses and you'll end up with a sinus infection. This can make your sinuses feel swollen as well as cause headaches and soreness in your face. If you are experiencing sinus infections regularly as a result of your deviated septum you might be able to get rid of them by having surgery.

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