What is a recovery drink?

Recovery is a crucial part of the training process, and it starts from the moment you end your ride. Replenishing depleted glycogen stores will enable you to come back faster and stronger for the next days’ workout. So start with a recovery drink. For your recovery drink you need to be able to take in 75-90 grams of carbs immediately after exercise; solids and liquids have shown to have similar results, so recovery drinks are not necessary if you are able to take in solid food immediately after exercise. High glycemic index carbs are optimal and you want to continue taking in carbs for 4-5 hours post workout at the rate of 1-1.3 g/kg/hr. Studies have shown that protein may help replenishment of glycogen stores depleted during workout sessions. Further research is necessary in this area however for conclusive results. The most important thing is to take in something palatable immediately after exercise and continue the carb ingestion for some time after your workout in order to come back adequately replenished for the next day's effort.
Recovery drinks generally contain carbohydrates and protein. These two macronutritents are very important to recover the muslces after a workout. You should consume a recovery drink (or other snack with carbohydrates and protein) within 30 minutes of exercise for maximal muscular benefits. 

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