Can coffee and tea count towards my water intake?

Yes. Coffee and tea, as I am sure you know from making it or watching it being made, is almost all water and it enters the body just like a glass of water. No one advises you to take all your daily fluid requirements through a tea or coffee drink but at the end of the day the water from those drinks counts towards your fluid total and helps hydrate you just like the water in your foods. Drinking large amounts of caffeinated drinks can cause you to urinate more often in order to remove excess caffeine but it’s only a matter of putting it back when you get thirsty (just like when you drink lots of water frequently, you urinate more). It is a long-standing myth that coffee or tea lead to a net water loss. Enjoy your coffee and count it in your daily fluid needs. Fluid requirements for healthy sedentary adults living in temperate climates are as follows: Men 125 oz (~3qts) of water per day from all dietary sources; Women 91 oz (~2qts) of water per day from all dietary sources. ~20% of your fluid requirements will come from foods you eat. Athletes and exercisers need more.

Even though coffee and tea consist of water, they also have caffeine in them. Caffeine, is a natural diuretic, which strips your body of water and your bones of calcium. Therefore, it is not counted towards your water intake. In fact, you would have to drink more water to help replenish the cells of your body since the caffeine has dehydrated them. 

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