How much caffeine and calories does an energy drink contain?

Tod Cooperman, MD
Health Education

It can be hard to find how much caffeine and how many calories are in an energy drink. In this video, consumer healthcare specialist Tod Cooperman, MD, describes how one group analyzes these drinks and what they've found.

In addition to the above answers, here are some common energy drinks with their calories and caffeine amounts:

  • Rockstar zero carb- 16 oz., 20 calories, 240 mg caffeine
  • Nos- 16 oz., 220 calories, 250 mg caffeine
  • Red bull- 8.3 oz, 110 calories, 80 mg caffeine
  • Full throttle- 16 oz., 220 calories, 144 mg caffeine
  • Amp- 8.4 oz., 116 calories, 74 mg caffeine
  • Monster- 16 oz., 200 calories, 140 mg caffeine
  • Sobe no fear- 16oz., 260 calories, 150 mg caffeine
  • Jolt- 23.5 oz., 290 calories, 141 mg caffeine
This will vary from energy drink to energy drink so read the labels carefully. It should also be noted that many of the labels of these drinks i will include a “proprietary blend” of natural herbs and will use a natural form of caffeine which will not require labeling. These herbals include: kola nut, yerba mate, guarana berries, and the yaupon holly (flower). So you may be getting far more caffeine than is listed on the label.

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