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Who should not receive nitrous oxide?

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    People who are extremely nervous about dental work and cannot be calmed by nitrous oxide should probably not receive it. Anyone having a long dental procedure will probably receive general anesthesia instead of nitrous oxide. Some children and individuals with certain disabilities may not receive nitrous oxide, as they are likely to move around a lot during a procedure.

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    People who are taking particular medications, including asthma and blood pressure prescriptions, should not take nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. Tell your dentist about all the medications you are taking to determine whether nitrous oxide is safe for you.

    People with certain medical conditions, such as seizure disorders or heart problems, may need to avoid nitrous oxide as well. Some children are frightened by the mask that delivers the nitrous oxide, so they may be better off with different painkilling methods during dental procedures.

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Who should receive nitrous oxide?