Why does the funny bone hurt so much when you hit it?

The “funny bone” hurts when you hit it because it is not really a bone. It is a nerve, the ulnar nerve. The large bone of your upper arm is called the humerus and the humerus is one of three bones that make the elbow joint. The ulnar nerve is a large nerve on the inside of your elbow and lies close to the surface of your skin with little padding or protection. Because of the similarity in the words humerus (a bone) and humorous (something funny) is most likely why the ulnar nerve has the nickname “funny bone”. Most people would say there is nothing funny about the pain and tingling sensations that shoot down your forearm when you bump the ulnar nerve. This pain and tingling can go all the way to your little and ring fingers, but it should go away rather quickly.

(This answer provided for NATA by Barney Graff, MS, ATC.)

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