Is naturopathy safe?

Dr. Christopher Maloney, ND
Naturopathic Medicine
N.D.s take the oath of "do no harm" very seriously, and will attempt to use lifestyle and nutritional interventions before prescribing medications.

But no medical intervention is completely safe. Anything that is powerful enough to interact effectively with the body may also generate unwanted side effects. The vast majority of individuals using natural medicines do so without any oversight from their conventional doctor or an N.D. If you would pause before taking out your own transmission or doing your own plumbing, make sure to treat your body with the same respect. Get a number of options, both from your conventional doctor and from your licensed N.D., before you take action.

Naturopathy is usually a safe form of health treatment when practiced by a trained and licensed professional. It should be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Prescription and over-the-counter medications can interact with certain herbal medicines and your naturopath and family doctor should both be aware of your treatment plan.

Certain aspects of naturopathy can be controversial. Naturopaths may promote ideas that may be too radical for most people. For instance, some naturopathic doctors discourage vaccinations.

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