How often should I see a naturopath?

A naturopath will formulate a program that works best for you. During your first visit, the doctor will spend ample time taking a medical history and discussing your treatment plan. If you have a health plan that covers alternative treatments, the amount of service you may receive will be limited by your plan.

A naturopathic physician will likely take this into account and help you find the most cost effective way to receive the treatment you need.
Dr. Christopher Maloney, ND
Naturopathic Medicine
While a good N.D. will present a patient with a time frame for visits depending on the illness, it is up to the patient to determine how often he or she can afford to visit. Ask ahead of time and mid-way through the visit get a sense of the number of visits, supplements or costs. An experienced practitioner should be able to give a rough estimate.
N.D.s are judged strictly by results. Unlike M.D.s, most are not reimbursed by insurance and so they should be much more conscious of costs and not bring patients back simply to visit.

Every visit should have a set purpose, regardless of the practitioner. If that purpose is not accomplished, then the next visit should have a different direction or purpose. If visits are not useful, patients need to "vote" for another practitioner by changing practices.

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