How effective is ColoThin for weight loss?

This should not be considered a weight loss product other than because of its potential to remove weight from your intestines. Weight loss is caused by taking in fewer calories than you burn and there are products designed to support that process.

The main ingredient in ColoThin is Psyillium seed husk. ColoThin claims to eliminate waste and toxins from your body via the colon to increase your overall health. The manufacturer states that by doing this, it leaves the colon clean, disinfected, and working correctly. Purported benefits of this product include detoxification of your body, decrease in constipation, help in weight loss and an increase in energy. However, the claims (detoxifying the body, weight loss and increasing energy) have not been proven in scientific research. Psyillium works as a bulk laxative and may help with constipation. The other ingredients for Colothin cannot be found on their website or be provided by their customer service support.

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