Does Symbicort interact with other medications or foods?

Symbicort (budesonide/ formoterol) can interact with several other medications. If Symbicort is taken with beta-blocker drugs (such as propranolol and atenolol), both drugs may become less effective. Symbicort can also interact with a number of antibiotics or antifungal drugs used to fight bacterial or fungal infections (such as erythromycin and ketoconazole). Taking Symbicort with certain diuretics (such as Lasix or Diuril) may increase the possibility of developing low potassium levels in the blood. This is especially likely if higher than the recommended dose of Symbicort is used. Symbicort can also interact with antidepressant drugs of both the monoamine oxidase inhibitor and tricyclic antidepressant groups.

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