How is the beclomethasone oral inhaler used?

You should use the beclomethasone oral inhaler exactly as directed by your doctor. The first time you use the beclomethasone oral inhaler, shake the canister and prime it by releasing two test sprays into the air. Before you take each dose, give the canister a few good shakes.

Exhale slowly and fully and then place the mouthpiece between your lips, and inhale slowly and deeply as you press down on the canister to release the medicine. Remove the mouthpiece, close your lips and hold your breath for 10 seconds, or longer if you can. Then exhale slowly through your nose or pursed lips. If you are supposed to take a second dose, wait 20 seconds and then repeat the same steps.

Once you are done, rinse your mouth out with water and spit out the residue; do not swallow it. Keep track of the number of doses you have taken

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