Will beclomethasone increase my risk of other health issues?

Perhaps. Beclomethasone may suppress the ability of your immune system to work, thus increase your chances of acquiring serious infections. It should be used with caution or not at all in patients with respiratory tract tuberculosis infection, untreated systemic infection (fungal, bacterial, parasitic or viral) or herpes simplex of the eye.

Certain infections such as varicella and measles can be especially serious in immunosuppressed patients. Therefore, you should try to avoid anyone who may have or come in contact with chicken pox or the measles.

This medicine makes you more sensitive to irritations to your stomach or intestines and can increase your risk of ulcers. Limit the amount of alcohol, aspirin and some arthritis medications to help reduce your chance of getting an ulcer.

Some people receiving inhaled beclomethasone may be at increased risk of bone loss compared to healthy people.  Also, talk to your doctor before you have any vaccine or immunization when you are using beclomethasone because the response to the vaccine may not be adequate.

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