What are the symptoms of nail disorders?

Symptoms of nail disorders include change in color of the nail or nail bed to blue or white. A nail disorder may appear as lines that span your nail horizontally or depressions in the nail that look like pits. Other symptoms include lines on or under the nail that are white or red. If the shape of your nail begins to change in form or appears to be club-like, this may also be a symptom of a nail disorder.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
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Symptoms of nail disorders include slow-growing nails, nail ridges, nail spooning, brittle nails, unusually thick nails that separate easily from the nail bed and look yellow or green, and discolorations in the nails that include white spots, black spots, red streaks, or a whitish color. If symptoms appear in only one nail, the cause is likely due to an injury to the nail. If symptoms appear in all fingernails and toenails, the symptoms may be due to a medical problem that needs treatment by a doctor.

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