Do nail disorders affect women differently than men?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Women and men are affected similarly by nail disorders. But women who use certain nail care products, or who frequently wear nail polish or artificial nails, may encounter nail problems that men don't. Women are also more likely to suffer from onychoschizia -- splitting of the fingernails. Another interesting difference in men and women's nails is that men's nails grow faster.
The treatment of nail disorders may take longer in women because men tend to have quicker growing nails. Many nail treatments involve treating an infection or trauma to the nail and waiting for it to grow out. A man's nails typically grow faster than a woman's, with possible exceptions for pregnancy. Hormone imbalances may also slow the growth of nails, and women are more likely to experience hormone imbalances.
Women are also more likely to wear nail polish. The continual use of nail polish has been known to cause brittle nails that peel easily. Thus, women are more likely to have nail disorders that result from the use of nail polish.

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