How long do nail disorders typically last?

Nail disorders vary in their cause and treatment and can last up to a year as your nail grows out, or they can be remedied as soon as the underlying condition is treated.

Nail disorders caused by fungus often require multiple applications of antifungal treatment as well as the time it takes for the infection to grow out of the nail. Ingrown toenails may be remedied in a trip to the doctor, who will remove the ingrown nail and treat infection.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
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Nail fungal infections cause about half of all nail disorders and can be difficult to treat. They may require professional treatment and even so, they make take several months to heal. Other nail conditions, such as nail psoriasis, are chronic and may require life-long management and treatment during flare-ups. If you have a concern about a change in your nail health, talk with your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

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