What are the treatment options for benign multiple sclerosis?

The treatment options for benign multiple sclerosis (MS) are the same as those for any other form of MS. Medications like Copaxone, Tysabri and others can be prescribed to help slow the progress of the disease and relieve symptoms. The most commonly prescribed medications are anti-inflammatory corticosteroids. Beyond medication, a procedure called plasma exchange separates the plasma from your blood, which can help combat more severe symptoms. Patients can also attend physical therapy to learn about tools that may help them move around such as braces or crutches, and to work with a trainer to stretch and build their muscles. The fact that benign MS can only be diagnosed in retrospect is unfortunate. If we were able to identify it earlier, patients might be able to avoid unnecessary treatments that can be both uncomfortable and expensive.

There are no alternative treatments designed specifically for benign multiple sclerosis (MS) but there are a few that may help MS in general. Many people claim that acupuncture can help ease symptoms of MS like pain, fatigue, numbness, anxiety and depression. Just keep in mind that there is no medical proof to back any of this up. There is however undeniable evidence that exercise can help increase energy, strengthen your muscles, and improve flexibility and mobility, which might help you in the long run. Eating a healthy diet and getting proper sleep are also important for managing symptoms.

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