How are migraines treated in people with multiple sclerosis?

Once you have informed your neurologist that you have both multiple sclerosis (MS) and migraines, your neurologist will try to determine:
  • Are the MS and migraines related?
  • Is there an MS lesion that is causing the migraines?
  • Are the migraines a side effect of a medication?
  • What are your best treatment options for the migraines?
There is a three-way approach to migraines, which is similar to how doctors approach MS:
  • Prevention
  • Handling symptoms
  • Rescue therapy when things get out of hand
For MS that means:
  • Disease-modifying drugs/agents/treatments (DMDs/DMAs/DMTs)
  • Symptomatic treatments, including neuro-functional enhancers (NFEs)
  • Medicines to hasten recovery during a relapse (e.g., intravenous methylprednislonose and injectable ACTH)
For migraines that means:
  • Prophylactic medications -- such as antiepileptic medications, blood pressure medications, etc.
  • Abortive medications -- such as triptans, NSAIDs, etc.
  • Rescue with occipital nerve blocks and muscle trigger point injections, as well intravenous infusions of medications in and out of the hospital.
Migraine doctors, just like MS doctors, often use complementary therapies, including herbal remedies, that have good evidence to support their use.

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