What causes symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS)?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms are caused by loss of myelin, axons and nerve cells.

The brain in multiple sclerosis:
  • The immune system attacks the myelin covering the axons of nerve cells.
  • It destroys patches or sections of myelin, leaving behind bare axons.
Nerve signals fail to reach the intended target:
  • A nerve signal begins at the cell body of the nerve cell.
  • It moves down the axon but can't jump an area of myelin damage.
  • Unable to jump across the section of bare axon, the signal is blocked.
  • The signal fails to reach its intended target, resulting in symptoms.
MS symptoms depend on the affected nerve pathway:
  • For the nerve-sending signals from the eye to the brain, vision may be affected.
  • A nerve sending signals for motor function may result in weakness.
Myelin, axons and nerve cells are damaged in MS:
  • Damage is done directly to the axons by the immune attack on the myelin.
  • The axon may be unable to survive if enough myelin is lost.
  • Loss of axons leaves fewer of them to carry the signal to the intended targets.
  • It is unknown whether immune attacks with myelin damage are the only cause of loss of the nerve cell body.
  • Nerve cells are eventually lost in MS.
  • Symptoms reflect damage/loss of the nerve pathway (vision, motor, etc.).
Lost cells in a nerve pathway cause MS symptoms:
  • An affected nerve pathway serves a specific function (vision, motor, etc.).
  • Lost nerve cells decrease the number of nerve cells available to carry a signal.
  • There is a reduced likelihood that signals in an injured nerve pathway will get through.

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