What happens during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the prostate?

Men who are having magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for prostate cancer are asked to have an enema the night before and morning of an MRI that involves the use of an endorectal coil. All men should evacuate completely so the rectum is empty during scanning. A mild sedative helps with coil tolerance. A medicine called Glucagon for antiperistalsis is also prescribed. The scan takes 30 to 90 minutes, and is longer with a full field-of-view and spectroscopy. It takes about 30 minutes to process the images, and then a quality check is done on the images.

Conventional MRI techniques, combined with the optimized signal-to-noise ratio achieved with the endorectal coil, provide high-resolution images of the prostate. These images show the prostate and the areas around the prostate so doctors can determine if the cancer has spread.

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