How can I stay consistently motivated to lose weight?

Layne Lieberman, MS, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics
If you want to stay motivated to lose weight, taking small, manageable steps often leads to the biggest successes. In this video, I will explain how minor changes can turn into lasting, healthy lifestyle habits.
Sudeepta Varma, MD
To stay consistently motivated to lose weight, it's helpful to have a realistic image to aspire to, which will inspire you to stay focused on your goals. Watch me discuss strategies for staying motivated to lose weight.
Dr. Andrea Pennington, MD
Integrative Medicine
Visualize your weight loss goal several times a day, exactly what your life and relationships will be like when you do accomplish it. Do you have an old picture of what you looked like at that weight, or perhaps a picture from a magazine? Place it near the refrigerator or your computer monitor to keep the image fixed in your mind.

Picture yourself at your goal in your mind's eye. This does wonders for maintaining motivation. You'll impress the image upon your subconscious mind, which will help you mobilize the energy to carry out your weight loss plan. You will actually give your fat cells and muscle cells the mental blueprint for creating the body you desire. The person you want to be and the body you want to inhabit are already inside of you. Through visualization you will call him or her forth.

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How Can I Consistently Stay Motivated to Lose Weight?
How Can I Consistently Stay Motivated to Lose Weight?

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