How do I manage my Morgellons disease on a daily basis?


Because Morgellons disease is not a widely accepted diagnosis, there is not an approved treatment for the disease either. Most people who suffer from Morgellons symptoms have to try to target their specific symptoms on a daily basis. If you have exceptionally bad rashes or crawling sensations, try soaking your skin in warm water or using lotion. Additionally, speaking to a mental health care provider may offer you an outlet for your anxiety and stress related to your Morgellons disease symptoms. Some doctors may prescribe an oral antibiotic, which may also help with your day-to-day symptoms.

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Morgellons Disease

Severe fatigue and a skin-crawling sensation that feels like insects could be signs of Morgellons disease, a skin disorder currently controversial because it isnt widely recognized as a diagnosis. The Centers for Disease Control a...

nd Prevention are investigating reports of the condition, which shares characteristics with Lyme disease, schizophrenia and a mental illness called delusional parasitosis. Most reported cases so far have appeared in California, Texas and Florida.

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