Does carbamazepine interact with any other drugs?

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, MD
Emergency Medicine
Carbamazepine should not be taken with an MAO inhibitor or until at least 2 weeks after stopping MAO inhibitors.
If you are taking an NNRTI, you should not take carbamazepine.
Carbamazepine can cause hormonal contraceptive methods to fail. If you take carbamazepine, you should consider using an alternative method of contraception.
If you are taking any of these medications, carbamazepine can lead to side effects or decreased level of potency and should be avoided.
  • abiraterone
  • antimalarial drugs
  • apremilast
  • aprepitant
  • azelastine nasal spray
  • bacillus Calmette-Guerin
  • bedaquiline
  • bortezomib
  • calcium channel blocker
  • clozapine 
  • cobicistat
  • cobimetinib
  • dabigatran
  • dabrafenib
  • daclatasvir
  • deferiprone
  • doxorubicin
  • dronedarone
  • eliglustat
  • elvitegravir
  • enzalutamide
  • everolimus
  • actor Xa inhibitor
  • flibanserin
  • fusidic acid
  • idelalisib
  • irinotecan
  • isavuconazonium
  • itraconazole
  • ivabradine
  • ivacaftor
  • ixabepilone
  • ledipasvir
  • lurasidone
  • macitentan
  • mifepristone
  • multikinase inhibitor
  • naloxegol
  • nefazodone
  • netupitant
  • olaparib
  • orphenadrine
  • palbociclib
  • panobinostat
  • paraldehyde
  • praziquantel
  • protease inhibitor
  • ranolazine
  • roflumilast
  • romidepsin
  • sofosbuvir
  • sonidegib
  • suvorexant
  • tasimelteon
  • tenofovir
  • thalidomide
  • ticagrelor
  • tofacitinib
  • toremifene
  • trabectedin
  • tramadol
  • tyrosine kinase inhibitor
  • ulipristal
  • vasopressin antagonist
  • vemurafenib
  • venetoclax
  • vincristine
  • vorapaxar
  • voriconazole
If you take carbamazepine, you should avoid kava-kava.

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