What is a missed miscarriage?

Paula Greer
Midwifery Nursing

A missed miscarriage frequently called a Missed abortion by health care providers occurs when the baby dies but the products of conception are not expelled from the uterus. A woman may experience some bleeding or cramping that stops but the uterus decreases in size and the menses do not resume. Other signs of pregnancy such as nausea, fatigue, breast changes, etc. will go away. This situation is treated with a D and C called a dilatation and curettage procedure or a vacuum procedure. It is important to seek medical care if you suspect you may be having a missed miscarriage.

Sometimes a woman may not expel tissue from a miscarriage. This is the case with a missed miscarriage. The embryo is not alive or was not produced, but the tissue can still be detected in the woman's uterus. In such instances, a procedure such as a suction curettage is usually performed to remove the tissue.

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