Who might benefit from taking zinc?

Everyone should have a certain amount of zinc in their diets to maintain good health. Moreover, since various conditions can be treated with zinc, many different people could potentially benefit from this mineral.
You might benefit from zinc if you are suffering from plaque and gingivitis, Wilson's disease, high cholesterol, herpes, fungal scalp infections, Down syndrome complications, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), acne vulgaris, zinc deficiency, gastric disorder and malnutrition symptoms like diarrhea. Some studies also hint there may be a role for zinc in treatment of these conditions: anorexia nervosa, hair loss, a blood disorder called beta-thalassemia, bad breath, boils, blood disorders, burns, closed head injuries, chronic prostatitis (CP), cognitive deficits in children, Crohn's disease, common cold, dandruff, diabetic neuropathy, diabetes, diaper rash, athletic performance, eczema, Gilbert's syndrome, hepatic encephalopathy, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C viral infection, hypothyroidism, kidney function, infertility, ulcers, a form of malnutrition called kwashiorkor, leprosy, lower respiratory infections in children, liver cirrhosis, macular degeneration, menstrual cramps, malaria, muscle cramps, arsenic poisoning, trichomoniasis, parasites, radiation-induced mucositis, psoriasis, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, skin damage, stomatitis, tinnitus and viral warts.

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