How can I take zinc?

You should follow the indications of your doctor regarding your dosage of zinc. The maximum daily dosage for zinc hinges upon a variety of different factors, including whether you are using a topical, nasal, intravenous or tablet form and what the supplement is treating. Typically, you absorb about 20%-40% of the zinc found in any food product. Therefore, an adult only needs about eight to 11 mg. of zinc supplement a day. Dosage amounts change depending on your age and health status.
Zinc also is called zinc carbonate, zinc citrate, zinc methionate, zinc chloride, zinc methionine, zinc gluconate, zinc monomethionine, zinc oxide, zinc picolinate, zinc sulfate, zinc acexamate, atomic number 30, pewter, Indian tin, zinc acetate, polaprezinc, zinc aspartate and Zink. Brand names of zinc include: Nels Cream, Zetan, Zincolak, Virudermin Gel, Zicam Nasal Gel, Zincomed, A-84, Articulin-F, Zineryt, Astra, Herpigon, Curiosin, Solvezink, Orazinc and Zinvit-C250.

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