What does living from the heart mean?

Michael B. Finkelstein, MD
Internal Medicine
Living from the heart is what takes place when people find the energy to make big changes or decisions work for them. The energy comes from our passion, from our purpose. That’s the heart. The heart, literally, is in the center of our body. It also is in the center energetically if you look at it from systems like Ayurveda and Eastern medicine and the connection between the upper zones and the lower zones. It’s where the mind, the emotions and the purpose meet the body.

If we come from that place, we can draw on the greatest strength. If we do things that follow our heart, we’re going to be at our best. You can go to a gym to exercise, and you can carry sandbags around the room. But, if you carry those sandbags to build a dike to save a big city from a flood, the energy you would have for those two things would be very different because your heart would likely be into this motivational and this meaningful work -- not just exercise. Now it’s real. Think of the difference of energy that you have with the heart working versus the brain.

To start living from the heart, do more of the things that feed you, that fuel your energy, and do less of the things that don’t. Take care of your body and mind. Develop community relationships and reconnect yourself to the nature world, meaning the rhythms and cycles of nature, like going to sleep when it’s dark. It’s what really feels right to us.

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