What is the proper hand posture for energizing?

Yoga is a great way to bring energy through your body and by energy, not the energy you receive from too much coffee but energy from the power within your body.  Having the proper hand posture for energizing includes arms relaxed, armpits open, and wrist loose. 

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The correct hand posture for energizing is similar to the one you used for sweeping and scanning: arms relaxed, armpits open, and wrists loose. The receiving hand is palm up, extended slightly forward and away from the body. The projecting hand is held with the palm pointing slightly forward so that the hand chakra is aiming at your target. Prana can be projected over a significant distance. In fact, this technique can be used for distant healing, in which you work on a visualization of someone who is not in the room with you. But initially, keep your projecting hand 4 to 6 inches from the target.

In sweeping, you rotate the hand counterclockwise to unscrew dirty energy. When you energize, you move your projecting hand in a clockwise motion; this drives the energy in. The principal is the same as acupuncture. An acupuncturist twists needles clockwise to “strengthen and tonify,” and twists the needles counterclockwise to “remove or unblock” an energy channel. You will use the same method of determining clockwise orientation that you used to determine counterclockwise orientation: place or imagine a clock with its face outward lying on the body part on which you are working, then follow the hands clockwise. This applies both to working on your physical body and to working on a visualization of your body.

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Your Hands Can Heal You: Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems

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