How can I perform local self-sweeping on specific areas and joints?

Master Stephen Co
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Sit or stand for this exercise. Perform your standard warm-up.

1. Scan your target area from a couple of angles to get a sense of any energetic disturbances.

2. If necessary, reestablish your intent by silently declaring to yourself that you intend to sweep and clean away the dirty prana from this particular area. Remember to keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and continue with pranic breathing as you sweep.

3. With your dominant hand in the slightly cupped sweeping position and 4 to 6 inches from the area, begin sweeping with a dog-paddle motion, in short brisk movements, down and away from the area. You can use the entire edge of your hand, not just the fingers.

4. One second per sweep is a good pace. Cover the entire target area with your sweeping, beginning at the left end of the area and moving to the right. Maintain a slight overlap as your sweeping strokes move from left to right. If it’s a small area, such as a knee or elbow, go over the same area several times; double up or triple up your passes.

5. As you sweep, be aware of any heavy or sticky feelings. Zero in on any you find, and remove them by reinforcing your intent and sweeping through those areas with more will.

6. After 10 or so downward sweeps, add the accumulation sweep, if you wish.

7. Regardless of the size of the target and whether or not you use the accumulation sweep, after 10 sweeps, pull your hand down and away and flick it into the salt water. Now go back and sweep the area again with 10 passes, moving left to right across the area, add the accumulation sweep, if you wish, then flick the dirty prana into the salt water. Spray your hands with alcohol after every two sets of 10 passes.

8. Repeat this sequence of two sets of 10 passes four more times, for a total of 100 sweeps.

9. Rescan the area to see if any energetic congestion has been diminished.

10. Conclude the exercise by shaking your hands and spraying them with alcohol again. Take a few pranic breaths and relax.

Assess the area or problem. How does it feel? If you had any pain or discomfort, has it been reduced? If the answer is yes, use it for positive reinforcement. If there appears to be no change, that’s fine, too. If you wish to work on the area again, repeat the exercise, sweeping it another 100 times.

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