What is the impact of forgiveness on my personal evolution?

Arianna Huffington
Health Education

When we put spirit first, interesting things begin to happen. Some habitual patterns of thought and response -- vindictiveness, keeping score, getting even -- are squeezed out. Of all the precious needlepoint pillows I have seen in well-appointed living rooms, my least favorite over the years was the one that read: “Living Well Is the Best Revenge.” Even in jest, the attitude captured on that pillow is obsolete. Revenge is outdated and irrelevant. The more courageous alternative, forgiveness, will permeate a world dominated by our choice to evolve. Forgiving, which starts with self-forgiving, shedding past resentments and moving on, will become a constant process, a way of living. It's not easy, and we will by no means be perfect at it, but any other approach to living ignores the reality of our Fourth Instinct.


Nothing impedes our evolution more surely than our inability to forgive. By its very nature, forgiveness implies a forgetting, a letting go, a moving on. When we "hold a grudge" against someone, we remain -- just as the words imply -- there with them, holding on to the very thing we hate.  There is nothing mushy, vague or softheaded about loving and forgiving. In fact, a life led by love and forgiveness takes on the intensity of an adventure that can transform our world.

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