Should I worry about taking a yoga or barre class if I have a bad knee?

You should always use precaution whenever engaging in an exercise class if you have a bad knee. The severity of your injury will dictate if it is safe to exercise. Make sure you get consent from your health care practitioner.

Just as important as obtaining consent is practicing proper exercise technique, maintaining ideal posture and avoiding painful positions. Avoid deep knee bends and knock-kneed positions. These positions are potentially dangerous if your knees are injured. 
Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
Knee problems are one of the most common issues we hear about in our barre3 classes. Luckily, there are endless modifications to help ensure you knee stays safe, and you continue to balance you body as you exercise. A lot of the modifications for existing knee issues include avoiding deep knee bending, eliminating any movement which asks for the knee to extend over the foot/ankle and working with the legs hip distance apart to create a strong foundation for the rest of the body. At barre3 we cue throughout our classes to remind clients to work with the proper alignment which helps to prevent knee injuries. Also, it is important to note when participating in an exercise class with any injury that you let your instructor know.

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