What are the health benefits of nonfat milk?

Deborah Beauvais
Nutrition & Dietetics
Non-fat milk along with its low-fat and full fat varieties provide a wide variety of essential nutritients. The only thing that varies is the fat content. 

1cup (8oz) nonfat milk provides the following nutrients: Calcium-30% Daily Value (DV), Vitamin D-25% DV, Vitamin A-10% DV, Protein-16% DV, Potassium-11% DV, Riboflavin-26% DV, Phosphorus-25% DV, Vitamin B12-22% DV, and Niacin-10% DV.

Many people only equate milk with calcium and vitamin D, but a small 8oz glass of nonfat milk offers a huge variety of nutrients essential to health. 

Imagine the nutrition provided if the reccommended 3 glasses are consumed daily.

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