What is a migraine postdrome?

The postdrome phase is the last phase of a migraine headache. It is usually preceded by the prodromal phase, the aura phase and the headache phase. The postdrome phase comes after the pain of a migraine has worn off. It leaves the individual with a feeling a little like a hangover. The person can either be irritable and weak or invigorated and happy.
Dawn Marcus
The fourth and final phase of migraine is the postdrome phase. Almost three of every four people who suffer from migraine experience a migraine postdrome. This phase starts after the symptoms during the headache phase have faded, and it typically lasts for several hours to 1 day.

The most commonly used description of the postdrome is "headache hangover." Migraine sufferers typically describe a variety of symptoms:
  • Fatigue and a drained feeling
  • Feeling washed out
  • Feeling like being "in a fog"
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Having low-grade pain or discomfort
The postdrome can substantially extend the time of disability experienced with migraine. This is why people may need 12 - 24 or even up to 48 hours after a severe migraine to feel like they're "back to normal."
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