Is there such a thing as pelvic migraines?

Patricia Geraghty, NP
Women's Health
A search of scientific literature finds a single report of a woman who was seen in the emergency room with pelvic pain. (Vacarro M, Moschiano F. 2009) Evaluations failed to find anything wrong in her pelvis. She then developed a migraine headache. The pelvic pain was thought to be an aura for her migraine. A single report is not enough information to say anything for certain, but another recent study shows that women with chronic pelvic pain are more likely than women without the pain to also have migraines. (Karp Bl, et al. 2011)
A migraine is a unique type of headache. A migraine with an aura is the headache which is preceded or accompanied by a neurological change. The typical aura is a change in vision such as seeing flashing lights or wavy lines that are not really there. Sometimes there is a loss of vision or temporary blindness in part of the visual field. Less typical auras involve other neurological changes such as a temporary inability to speak clearly or a weakness in an arm or leg. So, it is theoretically possible that the aura could involve the nerves of the pelvic area, causing pelvic symptoms.
Pelvic symptoms accompanied by a headache should be evaluated by your health care provider.

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